Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Welcome to Legion XVIII

Blogs, man.


I used to blog religiously. That was before I got a day career, back when I was working on building up my "platform" as a professional writer, because I couldn't get anyone to pay me for anything else. I'm still a writer, but now I do something else all day. Specifically, I teach middle school science. It's my "day career" because unlike a day job, I care about it. Actually, I love it. It's my calling. Those demons of ignorance and superstition aren't going to banish themselves!

I still write, but sometimes I need a pastime that's a little less emotionally demanding and gets me out of the house and interacting with my fellow (adult) humans. To that end, some time in my second year of teaching, I picked up wargaming.

Like any good hobby, wargaming has gradually expanded to fill every moment and resource I am willing to allocate to it. Part of that expansion has been my branching out into Warhammer 30k with a Salamanders force.

Why Salamanders?

  1. They're green.
  2. I like lizards.
  3. Although their heroism and self-sacrifice certainly doesn't give them exclusive access to a moral high ground in the morass that is the Age of Darkness, their concern for human casualties sets them apart and casts the rest of the setting into deeper shadow. I like that.
  4. Vulkan is a boss.
  5. It's an excuse to paint black guys in warhammer, which pisses off the people that I like to piss off.

For the time being, this blog will be exclusively about the Salamanders and Warhammer 30k, but in the future... who knows? Maybe I'll post about other wargames? Maybe I'll start another Heresy faction (the Solar Auxilia are calling out to me... "play with us, play with us" they sing...). Maybe I'll drift away from Heresy and decide to put some other games up here, too. Maybe I'll start a podcast!

But in the meantime, it'll be all Heresy, all the time.

I post on Bolter & Chainsword and Heresy 30k as ElectricPaladin. Actually, ElectricPaladin is my handle pretty much everywhere on the Internet, so if you encounter an ElectricPaladin somewhere, it's almost certainly me.

Expect pictures. Quality pictures. My brother-in-law-to-be got my wife and I a new camera for the holidays and I just ordered one of those little photo taking tent things. It's going to be an adventure!

Expect a total lack of tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any of that bullshit whenever it should rear its head in a hobby and community I love. Fuck that shit - we can be better than that.

Oh yeah, expect lots of cursing. I have to keep a clean mouth all day in front of my students so I curse like an angry sailor as often as I can.

Expect links to threads I find interesting on B&C and H30k.

Expect links to other blogs and podcasts.

And most of all, remember...

Choom choom, motherfuckers!


  1. oh here we go... Salamander are punk wannabe squats...

  2. Excellent - looking forward to seeing some salamander-y goodness!