Friday, April 15, 2016

Forgeworld Friday the First

It's just another Forgeworld Friday... (oh oh oh)
Yeah, this is my day (oh oh)
To spend more mon-ey (oh oh oh)

All of us who are involved in this absurd hobby have some experience with Forgeworld. I thought it might be fun to start a series of posts about my personal experiences with Forgeworld. Unlike Workbench Wednesdays, I don't think I've got enough material to make Forgeworld Friday a weekly thing... though you never know. Between my stories, posts where I shamefully admit to having made yet another order and tell my faithful reader(s) what I'm getting, pics of arriving packages, and the occasional product review or post about a new release or tease or leak, maybe I'll have enough material to do a Forgeworld Friday every week, or most weeks?

We'll all find out together.

For now, I want to write about the very first box I ever got from Forgeworld...

It was back in 2014. I had just survived a terrible year at an awful school, and I'd run so far away that I'd actually ended up getting ready to work in a different district. I decided that it was time to treat myself, so I dipped a little bit into some investments my grandfather had left me and made my first Forgeworld order.

Well, actually, it was my second. But my first - a couple of tetras, back when I still played Tau - was so long ago that I can barely remember the circumstances, and I was so spooked by the shipping that I actually had them shipped to a friend of mine who was living in the UK and then waited until the holidays so she could deliver them to me by hand... ah, I am both entertained and ashamed by my own innocence.

Anyway, my first Forgeworld order that I can actually remember, for an army I actually still play, of models that I actually still own, consisted of a contemptor dreadnought and two close combat arms, a legion glaive, and some Inquisitorial brass etch. The contemptor dreadnought is still one of the models I'm most proud of. The glaive got as far as having the turret painted and the main body... mostly painted before I decided that I actually wanted to play 30k, stripped it all down, and started it up again in green instead of red. The brass etch... well, it's been useful, but I think that only a single model with any of that brass etch attached to it has ever been finished.

Ah... that's life in the hobby for you!

From those early experiences, I learned that Forgeworld's shipping was actually quite reasonable and not nearly as slow as I'd feared. I also got bit by the resin bug - my Knights of Blood contemptor is still the pride and joy of that army. Most importantly, having lost my Forgeworld virginity, I realized that placing an order with the big FW wasn't really anything to be afraid of.

And then, a little more than a year later... I started playing Horus Heresy. It's been down (up?) hill from there!

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