Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Introducing... Workbench Wednesday

This is something I did for a while back on Tumblr. I'm going to post a picture of my painting table, as messy as it is, and say a little bit about the visible works in progress. If you'd like to play along, start doing the same thing on Wednesdays and drop me a link in the comments. On Thursday I'll make a post of all the Workbench Wednesday posts I'm made aware of, and we can all oogle each others' progress.

Without further ado: my first Workbench Wednesday!

My actual workbench
Let's see... what's visible here. Center right are my almost-finished melta support squad and center left are my built-but-not-primed breachers. To the left, you can also just barely make out the beginnings of my Iron Hands survivors. There's the kitbashed quad mortar, its crew, and some terminators, including a forgelord with conversion beamer. Just in front of the breachers, you can probably also make out my other forgelord, this one Salamanders, with  grav gun.

And of course, in the background, underneath the little lid of watch parts (for the Iron Hands) is my eternal, uncompleted glaive... I've got to get that thing finished one of these days. Once I'm no longer focusing on getting infantry done for my upcoming zone mortalis campaign, I'll start getting some tanks done.

And, as a bonus, here's my to-strip bin:

Wooo! Take it ALL OFF!
I'm not quite ready to add the toxic chemicals, because I'm waiting for two more russes (and potentially two manticores to convert into basilisks/medusas) for my burgeoning Solar Auxilia army (you'll hear more about them in a post to come). But as you can see, my motor pool is growing! I can't wait to get this sicaran on the table - it's going to look great in green!

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