Saturday, April 9, 2016

Photos Arrive! Delegatus and Navigator


Woo hoo!

I'm about a third of the way to delivering some truly quality pictures. As you can see, I've got the photo cube set up, as well as a preliminary lighting solution (that is to say, the heat and UV light rig for my tortoise, who spends most of the year living in my classroom). What I don't have yet is a tripod, a macro lense, and an SD card for the fancy new camera (the above were "shot on iphone").

The dude on the left is a combination 3rd party model and kit-bash to make a navigator; on the right is a multi-purpose legion champion/delegatus.

I want to establish right away that constructive feedback is absolutely welcome. I think I'm pretty good at this, but I'm far from perfect. Unless you're being a dick. Then you can go to hell.


  1. Looking good. Found the blog from the 30K forum. Thinking about doing Salmanders myself so it will be great to see another new player to 30K build out their army.

  2. Good work, man! Absolutely love the navigator, and the Delgatus looks great!